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  1. Hello Comrades from the east of Eurasia.

    We autonomous Nationalists Oder-Spree Germany
    want to first give praise to you and keep it for the Future of the Free Peoples against the forces of Zion and USRAEL-Hell.

    We also wanted to ask simultaneously whether we can link you can use on our side and also this wallpaper for a label image, and with your Internet address.

    National and Socialist greetings

    from Brandenburg Germany

    of the


    • widerstandstreetart Says:

      Heil Kameraden,
      Thank you for the positive evaluation of our site.
      We are in a common struggle for national socialism, against all enemies.
      If you prefer, you can use our link, the image that you like, we
      We are very happy.
      The fight continues …
      Widerstand Street Art

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