White Boys-Madrid : Josue Libertad!

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  1. Last evening,05.08.2010,a group of 3 nationalist young men,from Timisoara,Romania,were picked up by the police of the Dan Paltinisan footbal stadium , for flashing a banner which depicting a message of solidarity towards the finnish nationalist activist Henrik Holappa at the Poli Timisoara-Mypa ’47 game, a game from the UEFA cup preliminaries.They were taken to an area where „the law enforcements“ asked for ID ,then body-checked them and photografed them.Then they started gathering information about who Henrik Holappa is.They also took pictures of the banner wich said: „N.A.T. Supports Henrik Holappa Stop persecutions of nationalists. http://www.nat88.org„. After aproximately 30 minutes,they where released because of lack of reasons to restrain, for they did nothing illegal, yet they where told that it is possible that they will be summoned to the police station next week, wich wouldn’t be something unusual for the present system at power. FREEDOM FOR NATIONALISTS!

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